Herb Gardening Tips While Living In Regatta Apartments Houston

Everyone loves a home with a backyard where they can garden. However, if youâ??re still living in Regatta apartments Houston, you can always find a way to practice your herb gardening tricks just the same as if you had your own backyard. Well, if youâ??re new to this, here are some herb gardening tips while living in Regatta apartments Houston.

â?¢ You should choose herbs that you like and use popularly. Keep in mind that an herb garden of any kind will take time, energy and money so you need to know the type of herbs youâ??re growing before doing so. For instance, if you use herbs such as cilantro, parsley, basil, rosemary or thyme frequently, then thatâ??s what you should start with in your new garden. Once you know what you need to plant, itâ??s time to visit the local gardening store and buy the seeds.

â?¢ Whatâ??s the space available for your new garden? You need to choose a good place to grow your herb garden but it is dependent on the space available in your apartment. If youâ??re planning to grow the garden on a windowsill, only a few pots will work. However, if you have a roof terrace and balcony, there is a large enough space to grow your garden. Also, you need to consider the amount of sunlight getting into your garden. Therefore, choose the best place in your apartment with direct sunlight and enough space for the best results.

â?¢ Create more space by going vertical. For instance, you should consider using railings, walls and hanging planters to get more places for your herb garden. Itâ??s one of the best ways to increase at least 3 to 4 times. You can also add a few shelves where you can place small pots. Alternatively, you can also use a shoe rack or make a pallet shelves. On the other hand, if youâ??re planning to grow the herbs indoors, you should consider buying a herb garden set for the best results.

â?¢ You can try out different types of plants, besides herbs for your garden. Once you have planted your herbs and thereâ??s more space left, you can grow extra plants. You can try out foliage plants, annual flowers or perennials for the best results. A few good examples include dwarf fruit trees or lemon trees. Even better, you should consider growing your own vegetables and make the best meals right from your own apartment garden.

â?¢ Get enough shade in the hot summer months. Plants really love sunlight but it needs to be done moderately. Therefore, you should plant a few things with shade to block the sun in the hot summer months. Even better, these plants will provide enough shade for the others that donâ??t need direct sunlight.

In conclusion, growing herbs in your apartment is a good idea but only if done right. Remove the weeds from your plants regularly to prevent any blockages that might stunt the growth of your herbs. You can also create a good seating area in the garden where you can spend some relaxing times.