About us

We have been following technological advancements and documenting them for over a decade, enough time for us to test out and pen the most effective model for our readers to enjoy content off our website. Accessible across all devices, desktops and mobile alike, we have a potential reach that extends all over the world as long as a reader has access to the internet and the passion for technology.

Through investigative journalist tactics and sources planted in strategic positions, we are able to cover the first versions of technological advancements stories that go on to reach over a million readers, sometimes having been edited by our readers themselves.

We surprise readers with up to scratch understanding of the most innovative changes in technology because among our inhouse talents are some of the most knowledgeable technologists, all with a navigational role as to what we cover and how to present it in a way that even the most technical of our readers are engaged.

Blending in with the rest of the content industry has never been our objective. How can we?, when some of the best stories to explode on the internet have emerged from our creatives’ direct efforts.